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Professional Tax Review

What You Get

The Benefits of gives you peace of mind. Your tax return will be prepared then reviewed by a SR tax professional. During the review it will be checked for errors, the refund will be maximized and it will be authenticated for identity verification.

Audit Pro Includes

- Professional Review

- Error Checking

- 3 Years Data Storage

- ID Verification

- Priority Support

- Free Amendments 

Business Meeting

Customer Testimonials

I was given what I thought was a good refund amount by my tax pro. Then my tax return was reviewed and they were able to get me another $600 on my refund. Thank you so much.

Natasha Brown

I received a W2 from a gig that I forgot to report on my original tax return. Because I purchased the service they did an amendment for me free of charge and helped me get additional money back.

Brandi Payne

Last year I was trying to purchase a home and I must admit that I'm not the most organized guy. My lender asked me for 3 years tax returns and I didnt know what to do. They sent the lender all 3 years in less than 20 minutes. Its a great service to have.

Marcus Lowe Jr.

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